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Britache' by Bri designs fuse the fine art imperatives of imagination, aesthetic, and intellect with thoughtful shapes that revel in and reveal the beauty of the female form. Ready-to-wear, elevated athluxury pieces and unique, expressive evening wear by Britache' uniquely honors powerful women who know the value of work, play, and expression.

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The champagne fizz of boats and beaches often obscures the soulful importance of swimwear beyond the relevant aesthetic. Water—the basis of life as well as the most powerful natural force on Earth—is the most natural space in the world for women. Britache' Swimwear collection pays tribute not just to all the right curves that look and feel sexy, but also to the power and meaning they illumine. The arcs of the female form—like the sweeps of each wave—are the most visible signifier of indomitable strength, irrepressible spirit, compelling mystery, and infinite beauty.

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